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Send texts from any number

I have released a web app that lets you specify the from number on a text so you can make it appear as if it was sent from someone else. You are entirely responsible for the messages you send and I will cooperate with law-enforcement/schools etc. if you use the service for anything other than harmless pranks.

Send text page

In the UK it is not illegal, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for illegal things like harassing and defrauding. I WILL trace any harmful message upon request. This service is NOT for bullying and if you use it for that expect your local Law Enforcement to be contacted!

How much does it cost?

You get one free credit. Credits cost 10p each.

Why do I have to login with facebook?

We require users to login with a Facebook account so that we can trace messages back to prevent cyber-bullying. I will never ever post to your facebook timeline without your explicit consent - apps that do that are annoying and shitty. Whenever you login to an external system with Faceboook you should read the permissions that they are asking for and select ‘only me’ so that in the event that the app does post to your timeline behind your back it is only you who can see it and you don’t clutter up your friends’ newsfeeds.

Can you make an iPhone app

The website is designed to work well on mobile devices so there is no point on making an app (and Apple will likely block it anyway).

Does it affect their credit?

No, it does not involve their phone at all - in fact the number you send it from doesn’t need to actually exist.

Does it work with international numbers?

Currently only UK numbers are supported, we plan to add support for any number soon.

It now works with almost every carrier in almost every country (just AT&T is causing issues).

Can I have some free credits?

Umm no, so please stop messaging me. I operate this service at cost-price.

Can I get my number blocked?

Yep, email me and I’ll block your number from the service (requires validation of number ownership).

Can you do this for phone calls?

Yes, however, it is illegal for me to provide a service to do this in the UK (at least from my interpretation of the law) and it is significantly harder to implement.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement can request API access to trace messages, please send me an email from a address and I’ll hook you up.

Article written by Daniel Chatfield